Digital Photo Restoration

We all know the heartbreak that comes from a precious photo being physically damaged over the course of time. At Always Remember we can’t resurrect them all, but we do have the ability to digitally correct more than most people think is possible. We meticulously retouch your photos, repairing damage of all kinds, colorizing black and white photos if you so choose, and even replacing missing pieces.

We offer three-tiered pricing:

  • Restoration of minor damage: repair of minor cracks, tears or blemishes, correction of color and/or contrast.
  • Restoration of moderate damage: repair of moderate cracks, tears or blemishes, change or removal of background.
  • Restoration of major damage: colorization of black and white photos, repair of severe cracks or tears, adding or removing people or objects, recreating damaged areas of photo including people.

Give us a call to discuss your photos. The more severe the damage, the more we need to evaluate on a case-by-case basis. We’re happy to take a look!

Let’s build something together.

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